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Interactive WhiteBoard Parsboard

Interactive WhiteBoard Parsboard  It is a smart and practical product in your classrooms and presentation sessions, which is provided by the company of academicians with 21 years of experience in the field of intelligentization.

By using the Pars smart board, you introduce your students to the world of creativity and technology and bring a smart class based on the Pars smart board to your students.


4 automatic colored pens

Pars smart board equipped with 4 colored pens including 3 blue colors. Red . It is black and an eraser. You can use these pens for easier writing and drawing all kinds of shapes on the board.

Shockproof and anti reflex screen

The smart board is made of aluminum and is impact resistant. This screen does not reflect light and therefore provides you with a quality image.

Easy and professional application software

Pars smart board software is completely Persian and has unique features such as virtual laboratories of chemistry and physics and various mathematical tools and drawing geometric shapes.

Has after-sales service in 18 provinces

DaneshAvaran Company has an extensive after-sales service network in 18 provinces of the country and can provide the services you need in the shortest possible time.


Ritual in the hands of your shamanism

Multi-touch products

 Over the past decades, with the decline in the price of touch monitors in the market, the use of this product has expanded in various fields from phones and computers to large monitors.

X series 65 inch touch screen Knowledge becomes one of the vital components of your digital ecosystem. You can easily connect up to 4 devices (mobile, iPhone and Android) to it and share your content on the screen in 4K quality at the same time.

برد هوشمند - استند لمسی - کیوسک لمسی - مانیتور لمسی - فریم لمسی ، مشهد، تهران، اصفهان، شیراز

Made by Danesh Avaran

Rental and touch monitors

With the significant expansion of the use of screens and the expansion of digital advertising, especially the use of touch systems in exhibition booths and booths of organizations in conferences and seminars, Daneshvaran Company by providing touch stand rental services and touch monitor rental, its contacts Helps to increase efficiency for attending exhibitions.

Impact of touch stand on work process:
Recently, most of the organizations participating in conferences and exhibitions have come to touch and digital systems to transfer their information as quickly and clearly as possible.
Therefore, today, the lack of interactive systems in an exhibition booth is a relatively large disadvantage. The most familiar interactive systems for us are touch monitors and touch stands.

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The service of Danesh Avaran for you

Daneshvaran Company works with experienced and experienced staff in order to provide better services to its customers.


Danesh Avaran Company will answer your questions from Saturday to Wednesday from 8:30 to 16:00 and Thursday from 8:30 to 13:00.


Danesh avaran Khorasan Company has been advanced in the fields of make smart and information technology

Tadkala site

Danesh Avaran has available for sale smart equipment products and all its multi-touch products in Tadkala store.

Work Experience

Danesh Avaran company has 21 years of experience in the fields of education and educational assistance, especially in IT equipment.


Daneshvaran Company, in addition to its field of work, has placed ancillary products in the basket of goods for the welfare of its customers

Data Projector Repairs

Daneshvaran Company specializes in repairs of all types of data projectors from Friday, lamp replacement and full service, etc.


Daneshvaran Company offers a great ability to customers in the field of hardware and software repairs due to its work experience.

Installation Services

Daneshvaran Company works with experienced and experienced staff in order to provide better services to its customers.


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